Canteen manager and volunteers.

21 MAR 2017 | BY TIM APPEL

Fairly self explanatory really. We need family and friends to help with our canteen on match days. Cathy Myers Snyders has done a fantastic job in running the canteen for many years but is taking a very well earned break. She will still be around to assist our next legend as will our team including Jenny Norton and Ange Downie and of course, Conga! If a group of players’ friends, girlfriends, wives, brothers, mums or dads would be keen to help us out it would be fabulous. It’s fun, socially interactive and a vital part of our club.
Please contact the president, Tim Appel on 0419525221.
Helpers for even an hour or so on some Saturdays would be also be warmly welcomed.
Please give this some thought and I look forward to a strong response.